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Aventurine, Flourite, Hematie, Onyx and Smoky bracelet 
Length: 6.5" Stretchable one size fits most.

A powerful general healer, it brings balance to the intellect, emotions & physical being. Quells anxiety, helps in making the right decisions & shields energy drain from outside sources.
Stone of abundance


Known as a "stone of discernment". Helps to find truth that has been concealed. Eases change and brings strength and protection during transition. Stabilizes energy and helps to bring order to chaos. Supports relationships - individuals & groups - to flourish towards the greatest good.


Smoky quartz

Grounding & protective stone

Neutralizes negative vibrations

Relieves pain including headaches

Aventurine, Fluorite, Hematite, Onyx and Smoky Quartz bracelet

SKU: 0271
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