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Healing crystal jewelry.

K&C Kreations is located in Coquitlam, BC


I have always loved crystals. Recently, I was drawn back to crystals & semi-precious stones & this time I completely surrendered myself to the experience.

I purchased numerous books and read everything online  about the physical, emotional & metaphysical healing properties of each stone.


I started by wrapping crystal gemstone cabachons in copper.  That lead me to creating a variety of other pendants and bracelets. 


K&C Kreations is a family business.  Several members of my family, my sister Carolina and my nieces Carrisa and Kaitlyn have assisted in making some of the bracelets.  They enjoy using their creativeness to make unique bracelets. I appreciate their help in this venture.


All my gemstones are sourced in Canada and the spacers and toggles used are nickel free. Wrapping is done using either Copper. Brass or Silver-plate, and future pieces may be in Sterling Silver.  I like to mix things up now and then and create pieces that are beautiful AND more affordable.


I ensure that all of my jewelry has been cleansed, smudged and charged before passing it on to my clients.

Also check out the  Redu Wellness Centre webpage at

for classes and sessions.

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